The general conditions indicated in this document regulate only and exclusively the purchase and sale of infusions for gin and tonic offered by Té Tonic Infusiones del Mediterráneo sl CIF: B-54729512 located at Calle Velázquez, 25, 03690 San Vicente del Raspeig (Alicante) through its website
The Legal Notice published on this website identifies the holder of the website as established in this respect in Article 10 of the Law of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce. Likewise, this Legal Notice contains information on the policy of protection of personal data developed by TÉ TONIC .
The contract of sale is considered perfected at the moment the customer issues the express confirmation of his order, for which it will be necessary that he previously accept the general conditions indicated. For this reason, TÉ TONIC recommends to its clients the full reading of both the legal notice published on this website and the general conditions and the infusion tab of gin tonic which specifies characteristics, price and way of sending, before issue the acceptance that formalizes the order and perfects the contract.
This contract is concluded in the legal framework established by the Civil Code, Law 7/1998 of General Conditions of Contract and Law 7/1996 of Retail Commerce Management. On the other hand, this contract is concluded within the general framework established for Electronic Commerce by Law 34/2002 on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce.
Likewise, the data provided by the customer during the purchase process receive the prescribed treatment for it in the Organic Law 15/1999 on Personal Data Protection described in the section Privacy Policy.
Once the selling party and the object of the sale have been identified in the current catalog on the website, and with reference to the information on characteristics and price of each article contained in its corresponding file, this contract is celebrated according to the following terms:
First: Forms of payment
This contract is perfected and binds the parties as to the obligation of delivery of the good by the seller and payment of the price established by the buyer from the moment of its acceptance by the seller.
The full payment of gin tonic infusions, which appears in the respective tab of each of them, will be done in one of the ways indicated below, being the choice of one or another form of payment recognized faculty of the buyer.
1. Payment by credit or debit card
The customer can choose the payment by credit or debit card, so that the transaction will be confirmed at the time the order is placed.
2. Payment by bank transfer.
The customer will make a bank transfer for the total of the operation to the account that the seller has indicated to him. For this form of payment to be considered valid, a maximum period of 72 hours is established. to count from the confirmation of the order of the infusions for gin tonic. If after this period the transfer has not been made in the account of the seller, the order will be automatically canceled and the contract will be deemed resolved and without effect for any of the parties.
The client must indicate in the transfer the following data:
- Name of the natural or legal person to whom the order for infusions for gin tonic should be invoiced, also indicating the billing information (DNI, NIF, billing address if different from delivery, CP, locality, province and telephone contact).
- Order number, automatically assigned by the system at the end of the purchase process.

Indicate as beneficiary of the transfer to Té Tonic Infusiones del Mediterráneo s.l.

Second: Right of Revocation and Return Policy
In accordance with the provisions of Article 44 of the Law on Retailing, the buyer may revoke this agreement within seven business days of receipt of the merchandise. Once the buyer is notified of the seller's withdrawal, the buyer must return the merchandise to the seller in the same conditions in which it was delivered. The seller, for his part, will return the amount of the order to the buyer within a maximum period of 7 days from the receipt of the returned goods according to the delivery note of the carrier.
Revocations of orders or returns of goods outside the indicated periods will not be accepted.
The withdrawal must be communicated by e-mail to the address within the indicated period of seven days. In response to this email, the buyer will receive confirmation of receipt of his decision and any information about the return procedure is necessary (return number, shipping method and delivery address).
The return will not imply any penalty to the buyer in the terms established in this respect in the third section of that article.
Third: Transportation and Delivery
1. Shipping costs:
The shipping costs of goods in mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands are borne by TÉ TONIC , provided they exceed 45 € of order (VAT not included). Otherwise the buyer will increase his order with 9 euros in the cost of transportation.
In case of return of the merchandise, and as indicated in Article 44 of the Law of Retailing, the shipping costs will be borne by the customer.
2. Delivery time:
Orders will be delivered within a maximum of 72 hours. to be counted from the confirmation of receipt of the corresponding bank transfer.
In cases where the volume of orders entail the reduction of the available stock or the end of the stocks, the customer will be informed of a new delivery period that will always be as short as possible.
If there is an unjustified or unannounced breach of more than 10 days on the expected delivery date, the customer may request the revocation of the contract, the consequent cancellation of the order and the return of the delivered quantities.
Delay attributable to the customer will not be considered a breach in the deadlines of delivery of its own will or by impossibility of its location and contact through the data provided by it.
3. Transportation:
Shipments are made on a daily basis from Monday to Friday and have always specified the address with the customer, which may indicate your preference for a date or time of delivery according to your convenience.
In this case, any responsibility for the delay in delivery will apply to the customer, never to TÉ TONIC . In the same way TÉ TONIC recommends to its customers, in case of not reaching an agreement with the transport agency on the date and time of delivery, to contact the customer service and inform about this fact so that the after-sales service expedite delivery through other procedures.
All our products are insured against possible risks of transport, misplacement and manipulation. In case of damages due to the transport, the customer must make it appear in the delivery note of the carrier. No claims of damage caused by the transport will be allowed after 24 hours from the reception and delivery of the merchandise.
4. Communications
The signatories of this contract, for the purposes of possible notifications regarding the same, set as the address of and its owner, Té Tonic Infusiones del Mediterráneo sl, the one indicated in the legal notice and, as domicile of the customer, the one provided by the same in the purchase form.
In the same way, and in case of any incidence or breach in the sale, the signatories of this contract are submitted to the courts of Alicante in case this was another.
5. Price policy and its owner, Té Tonic Infusiones del Mediterráneo sl, unilaterally reserve the right to modify the price of infusions and services offered through the website in order to guarantee to the customer the veracity and security in the price of the products, will be considered as such those in force in the advertising coinciding with the moment of the formalization of the order of the pyramid infusions for gin tonic.
All infusions for Gin Tonic offered through our website include only and exclusively the cost of transport and delivery to your address in Peninsula and Balearic Islands.
Shipments are made from Monday to Friday and, as a general rule, we will notify you to indicate if the day and time scheduled for delivery will go well; if not, we can delay delivery to the day and time that suits your schedule.
The term to exercise the right of return in case the product is not to your liking or are defective, is seven business days from the date of receipt at your address.
During this period, no penalty will apply, although you will have to bear the cost of transportation (as established in this regard in Section 3, Art. 44 of the Retail Trade Law).
To make a return you just have to send us an email to the address, within the indicated period, indicating to us what you want to return and the order number in which it is included. Shortly you will receive an email indicating the steps to follow and the return number of your order.
Remember that after the seven business days, we will not be able to accept any refunds.